• The function of drinking collagen peptide(二)

    1. Protect eyesight The main components in the lens of the eye are collagen and a large number of peptides, namely neuropeptides, enkephalins and so on. Long-term visual fatigue and age increase, the flexibility of the eyeball becomes worse, and the elasticity of the lens decreases. Long-term use...
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  • The function of drinking collagen peptide(一)

    Peptide has been always known as full-nutrition food in nutrition science field. In recent years, research by nutritionist and medical scientist at home and abroad have found that drink a cup of peptide every day can bring people a healthy body. 1. Supplement nutrition Peptide has been always kn...
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  • What do we drink collagen peptide?

    1. Marine cod fish peptide can quickly supplement various nutrient that people need, and enhance physical fitness, increase body activity and immunity. Deep sea fish collagen peptide is extracted from marine fish with free pollution. Its stability is more excellent than ordinary collagen molecule...
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  • The introduction of deep sea fish collagen peptide

    What is Peptide? Peptides are compounds that two or more two amino acids connected by peptide bonds. They are intermediate substance between amino acids and protein, and nutrient and basic substance of cells and life. From the discovery of protein in 1838, to the first discovery of polypeptide ...
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  • Functions of small molecular active collagen peptide

    1. Moisture: Small molecular peptide has strong water lock, for it has content large of hydrophilic genes (amino, hydroxyl, carboxyl) on the surface of the molecular three-dimensional structure, it can largely absorb water and form a film on the skin surface. 2. Nutrient: Small molecular peptide...
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  • Collagen peptide is the key way for skin care and beauty

    Collagen peptide has excellent affinity and compatibility, which can promote pores to shrink and tighten, increase skin elastin, help skin lock the moisture, facilitate the metabolism and inhabit new stain formation. Soybean polypeptide has small molecule and enter into dermis through epidermal ...
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  • Do you really understand peptides?

    1. What’s the best water temperature for peptides? Peptides are resistant to high temperature of 120℃ and their performance are still stable, the best absorption temperature of human body is 45℃. Peptides have no strict requirement, it is suggested to take it with warm water at around 65℃. Of cou...
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  • The role of collagen peptides in nutrition

    1. Promote growth and development Studies have found that the reasonable addition of oligopeptides to the diet of infants and young children not only contributes to the growth and development of them, but also prevent the occurrence of chronic diseases in adulthood. 2. Prevent Fat Absorption Stu...
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  • The effect and function of small molecular peptide

    What is peptide? Peptide refers to a kind of compound whose molecular structure between amino acid and protein, It is composed of 20 kinds of natural amino acids in different compositions and arrangements, from dipeptides to complex linear or circular structure polypeptides. Every peptide has the...
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  • The importance of supplementing active collagen peptide

    Peptides are not medicine, it has neither the chemical toxicity of western medicine, nor the drug of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is a special nutritional substance of human body. Peptides have the function of repairing nutrition, activating function, supporting regeneration, which can preven...
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  • Features of fish collagen low peptide (marine fish oligopeptide)

    Small molecular peptide is composed of amino acid through peptide bond, it is functional fragment of protein, which are biologically functional component obtained from protein breakdown products through modern preparation technology. 1. Absorb directly without any digestion There is a protective...
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  • What are the symptoms when collagen peptide lost?

    1. With age, collagen loss leads to dry eyes and fatigue. Poor cornea transparency, hard elastic fibers, turbid lens, and eye diseases such as cataracts. 2. Teeth contain peptides, which can bind calcium to bone cells without loss. With age, the loss of peptides in the teeth leads to the loss of ...
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