Oyster Peptide


  • High purity cheap price food grade oyster peptide for immunity and bodybuilding

    High purity cheap price food grade oyster peptide for immunity and bodybuilding

    Oyster peptide is the application of peptide molecular biotechnology to the oyster processing process, and the oyster peptide is prepared by enzymatic hydrolysis. The small molecule oligopeptide formed by this method completely maintain the nutrient components such as vitamin, micro-element and taurine, which nucleic acid-rich oysters are absorbed faster than a single amino acid or protein after being ingested by the human body, and are more easily absorbed by the body. They have more important biological activities in human metabolism and can effectively increase the serum testosterone level of men. Compared with normal oyster peptide, it is more biological efficacy and more important physical function.

    A large number of clinical data have shown that oysters have the functions of increasing men’s serum testosterone, regulating blood lipid, inhibiting platelet aggregation, improving hyperglycemia systems, promoting immunity and boosting metabolism, as well as effective in fighting cancer and preventing the spread of cancer cells.

  • Oyster Peptide

    Oyster Peptide

    Oyster peptide is a small molecular collagen peptide, it is extracted from fresh oyster or natural dried oyster by special pre-treatment and targeted bio-enzyme digestion technology at low temperature. Oyster peptide contains the trace elements (Zn, Se, etc.), oyster polysaccha rides and taurine, they work together to protect and promote our body. It is widely used in food, pharmaceuticals and health care products