Pea Peptide


  • Cheap price water soluble pea peptide

    Cheap price water soluble pea peptide

    Pea peptide is a small molecule oligopeptide with relative molecule weight of 200-800 Dalton, which prepared by enzymatic hydrolysis, separation, refinement and drying process, using pea protein as raw material. Amino acids are essential nutrients for the human being, however, the human body cannot synthesize 8 kinds of amino acids freely and need to be taken by outside world.

  • Pea Peptide

    Pea Peptide

    Pea peptide is an active small molecule peptide, it is extracted from pea protein by bio-complex enzyme digestion. Pea peptide contains eight kinds of amino acids which is useful for human. Pea products can meets the human amino acids nutritional request by FDA.

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