Why choose us

Why choose us

Why choose us?

Professional R&D team

Professional R&D team which is more than 10 people will assist you in the development of your own formulas without any fees

Quality Equipment

In order to ensure the quality and efficiency of our production, our factory has adopt advanced production equipment and technology to escort the manufacture of first-class products. The production line consists of cleaning, enzymatic hydrolysis, filtration and concentration, spray drying, internal and external packaging. The transmission of materials throughout the production process is carried by pipelines to avoid man-made pollution. All parts of equipment and pipes that contact materials are made of stainless steel, and there are no blind pipes at dead ends, which is convenient for cleaning and disinfection.

Expert Training

We have trained staffs in all departments from sales, research & development, production, quality control and labor with years of healthcare supplement experience in both China and international markets.

Excellent Laboratory Equipment

The full-color steel design laboratory is 1000 square meters, divided into various functional areas such as microbiology room, physics and chemistry room, weighing room, high greenhouse, precision instrument room and sample room. Equipped with precision instruments such as high performance liquid phase, atomic absorption, thin layer chromatography, nitrogen analyzer, and fat analyzer. Establish and improve the quality management system, and pass the CERTIFICATION of FDA, MUI, HALA, ISO22000, IS09001, HACCP and other systems.

Strictly Control the Product Production Process

The production management department consist of the production department and workshop undertakes the production orders, and each key control point from raw material procurement, storage, feeding, production, packaging, inspection and warehousing to production process management is managed and controlled by experienced technical workers and management personnel. The production formula and technological procedure have gone through strict verification, and the product quality is excellent and stable.

Cooperation Methods

Directly purchase

OEM: Customers provide brand brand, packing and formulas; We provide materials and production

ODM: According to customer’s demand, we provide one-stop service.

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