Collagen peptide is the key way for skin care and beauty


Collagen peptide has excellent affinity and compatibility, which can promote pores to shrink and tighten, increase skin elastin, help skin lock the moisture, facilitate the metabolism and inhabit new stain formation.

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Soybean polypeptide has small molecule and enter into dermis through epidermal cell. It not only clean oxygen free radicals in the body to prevent the pigmentation, but also keep the moisture of epidermal cell.

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Walnut poly peptide not only has good moisture, but also has the function of anti-aging and activate skin cells. What’s more, skin care products with walnut polypeptide can no need to add other moisturizer.


Small molecular active peptide can directly react with air. If our skin has trauma, burns, redness, and swelling, we don’t need to dilute and dissolve it. If we apply the small molecule peptide powder directly on the surface of the human skin, it will be absorbed by the skin on its own and will heal in three days without leaving any scars. 



Post time: Sep-24-2021

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