Facilitate the scientific and technological development of the Free Trade Port Haikou Council for the Promotion of International Trade promotes in-depth cooperation between Hainan enterprises and international


With the help of the Haikou Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Hainan Huayan Collagen Technology Co., Ltd. signed a framework agreement with Denmark Bio-X Institute and Lyngby Scientific on the afternoon of November 20 , to establish a strategic partnership.

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It is understood that the signing of the agreement between the two parties indicates that Hainan Huayan will actively introduce the world’s advanced biomedical technology through the construction of the free trade port, and it also marks Hainan’s official development in the field of medical collagen peptides.

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Hainan Huayan Collagen Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech company integrating product development, production and sales. It is also the first enterprise in China to engage in the research and development and production of hydrolyzed fish collagen peptides. More than 80% of its products are exported to Southeast Asia and the Americas market. The Danish Bio-X Institute is a biomedical technology service company headquartered in Denmark, with world-renowned scientists resources and a number of medical collagen polypeptide research and development technology reserves.

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At the same time, Guo Hongxing, general manager of Hainan Huayan Collagen Technology Co., Ltd., said that this signing will inject strong technical support for the company to improve quality and efficiency. We will take advantage of the policy advantages of Hainan Free Trade Port to carry out global procurement of raw materials and a broader layout of the global consumer market, and strive to build a technological highland in the field of marine biological peptides in the free trade port.

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Post time: Dec-28-2020

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