Functions of small molecular active collagen peptide


1. Moisture: Small molecular peptide has strong water lock, for it has content large of hydrophilic genes (amino, hydroxyl, carboxyl) on the surface of the molecular three-dimensional structure, it can largely absorb water and form a film on the skin surface.


2. Nutrient: Small molecular peptide can combine with skin epithelial tissue through stratum corneum to improve skin metabolism and maintain skin moisture.

3. Anti-wrinkle: Small molecular active peptide can penetrate directly dermis to supplement missing collagen, reorganize skin fiber tissue, and recovery skin elasticity to smoother skin and anti-wrinkle.


4. Skin whitening: Human skin color is mainly determined by melanin in epidermal cells. Small molecular peptide has biological inhabit factor to reduce the amount of formation of melanin. Small molecular collagen peptide has the function of skin whitening and elasticity.


5. Repair skin: Small molecular active collagen peptide can directly penetrate to the bottom of skin, and repair denatured cells, clean free radicals, and help cells to make collagen to reorganize skin fiber tissue.

6. Clean Chloasma: Proved by experiments on 100 patients with chloasma, who taking small molecule peptides, the area of chloasma decreased by 4.75±200.25px2, the color became lighter, and the color card decreased by 0.35±0.38 degrees on average. 27 cases were effective, and the total effective rate was 54.00%. This data shows that small molecule peptides can remove chloasma. At the same time, during taking small molecular peptide, the symptom of fatigue, irritability and insomnia have improved.


Post time: Sep-24-2021

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