Xiao Jie went to Haikou to investigate national high-tech private enterprises


On the morning of November 27th, Xiao Jie, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Minister of the United Front Work Department, went to Haikou to investigate the construction and development of state-level high-tech private enterprises. He emphasized the need to continue to implement the spirit of the National Private Economic United Front Work Conference, strive to improve the business environment, guide enterprises to improve economic quality, efficiency and core competitiveness through technological innovation, and make concerted efforts to contribute to the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port. Mr. Xiao went to Hainan Huayan Collagen Technology Co., Ltd. and Hainan Yeguo Foods Co., Ltd., and listened to reports on company construction and development by Mr. Guo Hongxing and Ms. Zhong Chunyan, heads of the two companies, visited the production and R&D workshops, and talked to the company’s employees face to face. The spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and discussed and exchanged discussions on hot and difficult issues that enterprises care about and the Hainan Free Trade Port policy.

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Mr.Xiao pointed out that Huayan Company and Yeguo Company, as a national high-tech private enterprise integrating product research and development, production, and sales, have business segments, operating models, development strategies, and core technologies of independent intellectual property rights in line with the development of Hainan Free Trade Port. Positioning, the prospect is very broad. Huayan Company will unswervingly adhere to the purpose of “committing to the collagen business and serving human health”, continue to deepen the development of Hainan’s marine life and fish resources, and promote the continuous development of the fish collagen peptide industry. Yeguo Company must give full play to the role of the founder and leader of the domestic coconut fruit industry, and strive to build the largest professional coconut raw material production enterprise in China and the world. He also encouraged the two companies to continue to strengthen their confidence in development under the background of the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port, and promote the outstanding entrepreneurial spirit and craftsmanship of “bringing to the forefront” and “dare to lead the world”; insist on innovation and continuous improvement Market competitiveness and product core elements, using the free trade port as a platform and springboard to gain a firm foothold, go to the world, and seek greater development; implement the “two health” requirements, and promote entrepreneurial personal grow healthy.

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Mr. Xiao emphasized that Hainan Free Trade Port has incomparable advantages in terms of strategic positioning, development goals, and main policies. The construction of the Free Trade Port is an excellent stage for private entrepreneurs to start their businesses. The United Front Work Department and the Federation of Industry and Commerce at all levels in the province, as leaders and who guide the development of the private economy, must learn, publicize, and implement the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee as the current and future period. The primary political task is to build corporate docking services, publicity and training, and promote the implementation of the “three platforms”; it is necessary to actively coordinate the implementation of relevant policies for corporate relief, strengthen classification guidance, and implement policies based on enterprises and parks; continue to use the “appeals” “Through train”, establish a list of corporate problems, and use policies to promote the solution of corporate problems; we must give full play to the advantages of the new structure of the united front work and grasp the “five implementations”, that is, implement planning, implement policies, implement projects, implement services, implement management, provide organizational docking and service guarantee for private enterprises to enter, invest and build in Hainan, and jointly create a business environment conducive to the healthy development of the private economy.

Kang Baiying, Executive Deputy Minister of the United Front Work Department of the Provincial Party Committee; Chen Jianjiao, Vice Minister and Director of the Provincial Overseas Chinese Affairs Office; Wang Sheng, Full-time Vice Chairman of the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce; Zheng Boyan, Member of the Standing Committee of the Haikou Municipal Party Committee and Minister of the.

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