Passion fruit powder


Passion fruit powder

Passion fruit, its fruit can be eaten or served as vegetables, beverages, can be made into aromatic drinks, can also be used to add in other beverages to improve the quality. Passion Fruit Powder is selected from fresh passion fruit, made by the world’s most advanced spray-drying technology and processing, which keeps its nutrition and aroma of fresh passion fruit well. Instantly dissolved, easy to use.

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Keep fresh nutrients and pure passion fruit flavor, quality assurance, color natural, good solubility, no preservatives, no essence or synthetic pigment.


Package: 5kg/bag, 3bags/CTN

Stored: cool, ventilated, dry place preservation

Shelf life: 18 months


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1. Snack food, Ice cream, Jelly

2. Healthcare food, Pharmaceutical product

3. Baking ingredient, Bread and Biscuits

4. Beverage

5. Seasoning, Sauces

6. Baby food, Dairy products.

Direct drinking: dissolved 10g passion fruit powder directly into 150-200ml warm water for drink.


Nutrition information of passion fruit powder(content per 100g)














Product specification

Appearance: powder, powder loosing, no agglomeration, no visible impurity.

Color: light orange -yellow

Odor: odor of fresh passion fruit

Ingredient:92% natural passion fruit

Water:  ≤ 5%

Solubility: ≥ 92%

Total Plate Count: <1000CFU/g

Salmonella: Nil

Coliforms: ≤10 CFU

Company Introduction:

Established in July 2005, Hainan Huayan Collagen Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise integrating product research and development, production and sales, with the registered capital of 22 million yuan. Its headquarters is located in Haikou, Hainan. The company has R&D center and key laboratory of nearly 1,000 square meters, currently has more than 40 patents, 20 corporate standards and 10 complete product systems. The company has invested nearly 100 million yuan to build the largest industrialization base of fish collagen peptide in Asia, with a production capacity of more than 4,000 tons. It is the earliest domestic enterprise engaged in the production of hydrolyzed collagen peptide and the first enterprise that has obtained the production license of fish collagen peptide in China.


The company has successively passed many certifications such as ISO45001, IS09001, ISO22000, SGS, HACCP, HALAL, MUI HALAL and FDA. Our products meet the requirements of the WHO and national standards, mainly exported to Europe, America, Australia, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand and some countries and regions in Southeast Asia.


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