Direct Selling Food Grade Fresh Bovine Collagen Peptide for Nutritional Supplement


Direct Selling Food Grade Fresh Bovine Collagen Peptide for Nutritional Supplement

Raw Material: It is a collagen component extracted from the bones of bovine. After high-temperature degreasing and sterilization, enzymes are combined with advanced high-frequency auxiliary extraction technology to separate high-quality proteins from bovine bones.

Peptide can be formed as any protein in the human body, so it can be absorbed more quickly than milk, meat or soy.

Peptide plays an important part in human health, so it is an unique food in terms of traditional Chinese medicine.

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1.  Help lipid metabolism,and reduce blood lipid.


2.  Prevent osteoporosis, promote the absorption of organizations.


3.  Relieve constipation


Promote the intestinal lactic acid bacteria proliferation, inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria such as escherichia coli, reduce the toxin in the body and the production of corrupt substances in the intestinal tract, running bowel defecation, improve intestinal health.


4.  Protect liver

Peptide and amino acid are the nutritional source of human organs, they can help organs to renew their own function, and provide sufficient peptide, amino acid and other micro-nutrient element to liver, which protect the liver, increase the metabolism and detoxification.


5.  Protect eyesight

The main component of eye lens are collagen and various peptides, in other words, Neuropeptides,  enkephalins, etc.

Long-term visual fatigue and age increase, the flexibility of the eyeball becomes worse, and the elasticity of the lens decreases. Long-term use of eyes at short distances, the focus of light deviates from the retina, and the image is blurred, leading to myopia and presbyopia.

Supplementing small molecule peptides plays a vital role in improving the health and sensitivity of the retina and optic nerve.


6.  Resistance to cancer

Small molecule active peptide is a kind of immunotherapy for cancer patients. The polypeptide enters the body and constantly activates the T cells of the immune monitoring system to recognize, phagocyte and kill cancer cells without any side effects or body damage. Immunotherapy is the only treatment that can be accepted by patients with advanced cancer.


7. Increase immunity

Researchers have found that some oligopeptide and polypeptide can increase immune cell viability, which effectively adjust lymphatic T cell subsets, enhance humoral and cellular immune functions, and improve human immunity. It is an effective agent for the treatment and prevention of various diseases.

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1.Used in health products to lower blood pressure and remove blood clots. Prevent senile osteoporosis, protect stomach and liver, treat medical diseases, and improve immune system health and resist diseases.

2. Used in dairy products, milk powder, calcium tablets, combined with milk protein and calcium to help absorption.
3. Used in ordinary foods to improve the nutritional structure and product quality of foods and aid digestion.
4. Add to various sports foods and sports drinks to quickly replenish protein and amino acids needed by the human body to protect joints.
5. Used in cosmetics to replenish collagen lost in tissues, prevent aging and reduce stains.

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Peptide nutrition:

Peptide Material Source of raw materials The main function Application field
Walnut Peptide Walnut meal Healthy brain, quick recovery from fatigue, moisturizing effect HEALTHY FOOD
Pea Peptide Pea Protein Promote the growth of probiotics, anti-inflammatory, and enhance immunity
Soy Peptide Soy Protein Recover fatigue,
anti-oxidation, lower fat,
lose weight
Spleen Polypeptide Cow spleen Improve human cellular immune function, prevent and reduce the occurrence of respiratory diseases
Earthworm Peptide Earthworm Dry Enhance immunity, improve microcirculation, dissolve thrombosis and clear thrombus, maintain blood vessels
Male Silkworm Pupa Peptide Male silkworm pupa Protect liver, improve immunity, promote growth, lower blood sugar,
lower blood pressure
Snake Polypeptide Black snake Enhance immunity,
anti-inflammatory, anti-thrombosis

Production Technology Process:






Our Partner:

Our Partner










Production Line:

Production Line
Adopt advanced production equipment and technology to escort the manufacture of first-class products. The production line consists of cleaning, enzymatic hydrolysis, filtration and concentration, spray drying, internal and external packaging. The transmission of materials throughout the production process is carried by pipelines to avoid man-made pollution. All parts of equipment and pipes that contact materials are made of stainless steel, and there are no blind pipes at dead ends, which is convenient for cleaning and disinfection.

Product Quality Management
The full-color steel design laboratory is 1000 square meters, divided into various functional areas such as microbiology room, physics and chemistry room, weighing room, high greenhouse, precision instrument room and sample room. Equipped with precision instruments such as high performance liquid phase, atomic absorption, thin layer chromatography, nitrogen analyzer, and fat analyzer. Establish and improve the quality management system, and pass the CERTIFICATION of FDA, MUI, HALA, ISO22000, IS09001, HACCP and other systems.

Production Management
The production management department consist of the production department and workshop undertakes the production orders, and each key control point from raw material procurement, storage, feeding, production, packaging, inspection and warehousing to production process management is managed and controlled by experienced technical workers and management personnel. The production formula and technological procedure have gone through strict verification, and the product quality is excellent and stable.




1. Do your company have any certification?

2. What is your minimum order quantity?
Usually 1000kg but it is negotiable.
3. How to ship the goods?
A: Ex-work or FOB, if you have own forwarder in China.
B: CFR or CIF, etc., if you need us to make shipment for you.
C: More options, you can suggest.
4. What kind of payment do you accept?
T/T and L/C.
5. What’s your production lead time?
Around 7 to 15 days according to the order quantity and production details.
6. Can you accept customization?
Yes, we offer OEM or ODM service.The recipe and component can be made as your requirements.
7. Could you provide samples & what’s sample delivery time?
Yes, normally we will provide customer free samples we made before, but customer needs to undertake the freight cost.
8. Are you manufacturer or trader?

 We are manufacturer in China and our factory is located in Hainan.Factory visit is welcome!

9. What’s your main products?

Fish Collagen Peptide

Marine Fish Oligopeptide

Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptide

Sea Cucumber Peptide

Oyster Peptide

Pea Peptide

Soybean Peptide

Bovine Collagen Peptide

Walnut Peptide

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